Ecosystem Services

PAS QuickNotes 65

By Anna Read, AICP


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This edition of PAS QuickNotes offers a primer on the benefits natural systems provide to humans and explains how an awareness of ecosystem services can improve decision making related to community growth and change.


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Dec. 1, 2016
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American Planning Association

About the Author

Anna Read, AICP
Anna Read is a co-author of the forthcoming PAS report, “Planning the Wildland-Urban Interface.' She previously worked as a Senior Program Development and Research Associate in the American Planning Association’s Washington, D.C. office, where she conducted applied research within APA's National Centers for Planning. Prior to joining APA, she worked on regional broadband planning efforts for the state of Missouri and as a project manager for the International City/County Management Association's Center for Sustainable Communities.  She has a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University.