Wickes Park: One Riverfront, One Saginaw

Community Planning Assistance Team Report



In 2018, the American Planning Association’s Community Planning Assistance Teams (CPAT) program was invited to Saginaw, Michigan’s northernmost Rust Belt city, to explore ways to revitalize Wickes Park and improve the city's overall community health. 

The community group Get Outside for a Healthy Inside (GOHI) requested support from the CPAT program to develop a revitalization plan for Wickes Park, a once vibrant and popular riverfront park. Over the course of several months and several park and site visits, CPAT volunteers met with city officials, community leaders, stakeholders, and engaged residents while spending time in the park.

The final report demonstrates key linkages between parks and a community’s overall health. Six design interventions are identified to achieve the vision, each presented in phases. A summary of the team’s recommendations include:

  • Adding passive and active recreational amenities
  • Promoting community safety and connectivity
  • Establishing environmental connectivity and stewardship by celebrating public spaces and culture and supporting green infrastructure
  • Creating economic opportunities through investment in public facilities
  • Promoting economic development


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Oct. 1, 2018
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Table of Contents


The Purpose of the CPAT Program

Executive Summary
One Riverfront | One Saginaw

Project Report
Existing Conditions
Planning Priorities

Recommendations and Interventions
Six Interventions for Wickes Park
Taking Action to Build Local Capacity: Organize, Mobilize, Implement

Appendix A: Picture Gallery
Appendix B: Funding Options
Appendix C: Project Schedule
Appendix D: Meet the Team