Connecting Downtown Page

Community Planning Assistance Team Report



Two of the City of Page, Arizona's Strategic City Council Priorities' objectives from fiscal year 2016–17 was to: "Initiate a Master Streetscape Plan that will establish strategies and policies for streetscape development, criteria for technical feasibility and identify implementation costs associated with a streetscape enhancement program."

An APA Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) was invited to help the city create strategies and engage stakeholders.

Discussion with members of the city council led to considering a much larger scope, including developing a framework for downtown growth and development, focusing on strategies for getting stakeholders involved to help create a vision for downtown/main street, and working together to assemble the necessary resources.

In December 2018, the CPAT visited Page to engage community members and collect their ideas. The team presented its initial ideas to the community during the visit. In this final report, the team gives detailed recommendations for wayfinding and branding, right-sizing downtown streets, connecting the downtown core, and taking action.


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April 26, 2019
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American Planning Association

Table of Contents

The Purpose of the CPAT Program

Executive Summary
Introduction and Background
CPAT Process

The Elements of a Strong Downtown
Focus on What Makes Page Special — Wayfinding and Branding
Right-Size Downtown Streets: Lake Powell Boulevard, Elm Street, 6th Avenue, North Navajo
Connect the Downtown Core
Undertake Lighter, Quicker, and Cheaper Prototypes
Take Action—Phasing in a Connected Downtown Page

Appendix A: Public Forum Presentation
Appendix B: References
Appendix C: About the Team