Modernizing State Planning Statutes: The Growing Smart Working Papers, Volume 2

PAS Report 480/481

By American Planning Association

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How can we reform the nation's planning statutes to meet the needs of the next century? Find out what the experts suggest in these authoritative reports. Modernizing State Planning Statutes pulls together papers prepared for Growing Smart, APA's multiyear project to modernize state planning enabling laws.

Volume 2 topics include the land-use and transportation elements of a local comprehensive plan, integrating state environmental policy acts into local planning, land supply monitoring systems, and benchmarking. A special feature of Volume 2 is a digest of comprehensive planning requirements in all 50 states. This is the second volume in a planned three-volume set.

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Sept. 1, 1998
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APA Planning Advisory Service

Table of Contents


Beyond managing growth: Managing planning's relationship with people

Toward modern statutes: A survey of state laws on local land-use planning

Toward model statutes for the land-use element: An assessment of current requirements and practice

Integrating hazard mitigation and local land-use planning

Toward model statutes for the economic development element of a comprehensive plan

Toward a model statutory plan element: Transportation

Creating effective state and local telecommunications plans, regulations, and networks: Models and recommendations

Land supply monitoring systems

Benchmarking: Developing report cards for planning

Collaborative processes for preparing and adopting a local comprehensive plan

Official maps

Environmental analysis of alternatives in comprehensive planning

Melding state environmental policy acts with land-use planning and regulation

Model acts: Integrating federal permitting with local land-use planning and regulation

Anatomy of a neighborhood plan: An analysis of current practice

The challenge to planners: Collaborate or bust

Neighborhood needs assessment using residents as researchers

Implementing local and neighborhood plans through neighborhood-based organizations

Identifying and targeting neighborhoods for revitalization

Working with low-income neighborhoods to prepare a neighborhood plan

Neighborhood planning in St. Petersburg, Florida

The University Park Neighborhood Association: A university-community partnership