Parking Standards

PAS Report 510/511

By Michael Davidson, Fay Dolnick

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This new report, an expanded and updated version of a previous best seller, contains not only an exhaustive set of parking standards, but also a section dealing with the complexities of creating practical parking standards in the present-day U.S.

For instance, there is general agreement in recent planning literature that when the supply of parking greatly exceeds typical demand, the results are detrimental to a range of stakeholders. However, while benefits may accrue from minimizing the amount of off-street parking, downsizing parking requirements may be a tricky proposition because many communities fear detrimenetal impact on overall community development objectives.

The commentary in this report addresses that quandary, as well as techniques such as shared parking, maximum parking standards, downtown parking standards, and more.

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Dec. 31, 2002
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The Dynamics of Off-Street Parking
The Basis for Zoning Code Parking Requirements
Other Relevant Factors Related to Drafting Street Parking Requirements
Zoning Code Provisions That Respond to and/or Influence Parking Demand
List of References
Ordinances Consulted
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Parking Standards