From Recreation to Re-creation: New Directions in Parks and Open Space System Planning

PAS Report 551

By Megan Lewis, AICP

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Parks are more than just playgrounds. This report, from APA's Planning Advisory Service, shows you how to plan for parks that protect wildlife, help manage stormwater, and allow residents to connect with nature.

To create truly successful park systems, park planning needs to incorporate the needs of all stakeholders into the process — in essence, bring together the broad, inclusive approach of comprehensive planning and the natural system mindset of environmental planning in a new approach to park system planning.

This new approach can be viewed as a move away from primarily “recreation” to the idea of “re-creation,” or creating places that allows individuals to “re-create” themselves and their relationship to nature.

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Jan. 1, 2008
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Table of Contents

Preface by Megan Lewis, AICP

Chapter 1. Defining Parks and Park Systems by Lee Springgate

Chapter 2. Park System Functions and Services by Mary Eysenbach

Chapter 3. How Do You Effectively Assess a Community’s Need for Parks and Open Space? by David Barth, AICP

Chapter 4. Parks and Open Space System Plans by Megan Lewis, AICP

Chapter 5. Creating and Maintaining Parks: Funding and Other Means by Peter Harnik

Chapter 6. Recommendations for Integrating Park and Open Space Planning in Overall Community Planning by Megan Lewis, AICP, and Mary Eysenbach

Appendix A. Developing a Needs Assessment: The Oviedo, Florida, Case Study by David Barth, AICP

Appendix B. Park Plans Matrices