Food Systems Division

The American Planning Association Food Systems Division (FSD) is a coalition of planners and allied professionals who have come together to advance food systems planning at the local, regional, state, or national level. As a Division, our fundamental goal is to help planners build stronger, more just, equitable, and self-reliant local, community, and regional food systems. By serving as a platform for collaboration, information, and leadership, we strive to further integrate principles of food systems planning with other areas of community and regional planning for the benefit of present and future generations.

As a Division we will:

  • Advance the profession of food systems planning so that it is recognized as a core area of community and regional planning practices.
  • Integrate principles of food systems planning with more traditional planning practices of land use, transportation, economic development, parks and recreation, housing, and other areas of mainstream planning practice.
  • Provide leadership and intellectual resources to APA members and staff on food systems planning policies and issues.
  • Host networking, resource sharing, education, and professional development and mentoring opportunities to new and seasoned planners and allied professionals.
  • Engage other planners and allied professionals to shape local, state, regional, and federal food policy.

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