APA Elections

APA/AICP Election Results 2021

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the APA Board of Directors, AICP Commission and other leaders, listed below, whose terms begin on January 1, 2022. Individual chapters and divisions participating in the consolidated elections will be announcing their own results to their members shortly. In October 2021, the complete report of all election results will be posted here.

Elected to APA Board of Directors:

Angela D. Brooks, AICP
President Elect

Lauren Driscoll, AICP
Director At Large

Silvia E. Vargas, FAICP
Director At Large

Scott D. Turner, AICP
Director Region 1

Allison Mouch, AICP
Director Region 5

Kristen Asp, AICP
Director Region 6

Chad Nabity, AICP
Board Director, Divisions Council Chair

Kohl Malo, AICP
Board Director, Student Representatives Council Chair

Elected to AICP Commission:

Karen Wolf, FAICP
AICP President-Elect

Sarah Marchant, AICP
Commissioner Region 1

Jae Hill, AICP
Commissioner Region 5

Miroo Desai, AICP
Commissioner Region 6

Elected to Divisions Council Executive Committee:

Chad Nabity, AICP
Board Director, Divisions Council Chair

Jennie C. Nolon, Esq., MEM, LEEDAP
Divisions Council Vice Chair

Deborah L. Myerson, AICP
Divisions Council Secretary Treasurer

Elected by respective leadership council members, these positions also serve as APA Board Directors

Elected to Chapter Presidents Council Executive Committee:

Tim Gladhill, AICP
Chapter Presidents Council Chair

Julia Lave Johnston
Chapter Presidents Council Vice Chair

Laura Everitt, AICP
Chapter Presidents Council Secretary/Treasurer

Elected to Student Representatives Council Executive Committee:

Kohl Malo, AICP
Student Representatives Council Chair

Bianca Mers
Student Representatives Council Region 2 Representative

Felicia Hutchinson
Student Representatives Council Region 3 Representative

Isabel V. Soberal
Student Representatives Council Region 4 Representative

Election Resources

2021 Election Policies and Procedures

APA Electorial Regions


Chapter, Division, and Student Elections

Every year, APA members run for elected Leadership positions within three component groups: Chapters, Divisions, and the Student Representatives Council. Serving as an elected Leader offers a tremendous opportunity for members to sharpen their skills, expand their networks, and work directly to strengthen the impact of the organization.

Details about APA Chapter, Division and Student elections:

Chapter, Division, and Student Elections


2021 Election Timeline

March 15 Begin the Call for Nominations
May 15 Firm deadline for the Call for Nominations
July 19 Ballots available online for all eligible voting members
August 20 Ballots close
Late August Election results are certified and announced
January 1, 2022 Successful candidates begin term of office