Housing Supply Accelerator Resources

APA Offers Resources for Planning-led Solutions

The following are select resources available from APA that demonstrate actionable steps communities can take today for planning-led solutions and zoning reform. Additional Housing Supply Resources for Communities available.

Policy Guide

Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

APA's Equity in Zoning Policy Guide prioritizes reversing and alleviating the disproportionate impacts of zoning through all parts of the zoning process. The guide also provides community planers with solutions to allow communities to boost housing supply, production, and fairness.


National Zoning Atlas Founder Sara C. Bronin is Empowering Communities to Transform Land Use

While the national housing crisis is well documented, finding information on the role of local zoning rules is harder to find - until now. The National Zoning Atlas is going state by state to create a map of local land use policies. It simplifies and unifies a multitude of data inputs. 

Planning Magazine

5 Housing Trends Planners Can Influence Now

These five trends explore the dynamics of the present housing crisis and how they could influence the housing choices available in the years to come. 

Planning Magazine

What Is Zoning Reform and Why Do We Need It?

The case for change, why planners support it, and six zoning reform tactics that could help curb housing costs.

Planning Magazine

Zoning Reform Creates New Model for Smart Growth in Walla Walla, Washington

How the rural city eliminated single-family-only zoning, legalized ADUs, and relaxed parking minimums to promote housing diversity.

Blog Post

Federal Zoning Reform Funding Available Now

A new federal competitive grant program – totaling $85 million – is now available to help local governments develop and implement policies that create and preserve housing options by breaking down barriers to zoning reform.


National Zoning Atlas Founder Sara Bronin is Empowering Communities to Transform Land Use

Sara Bronin explains how an effort to Desegregate Connecticut paved the way for the National Zoning Atlas and how planners are contributing to — and benefiting from — this movement to demystify and democratize the policies that shape communities.

Planning Magazine

5 Housing Trends Planners Can Influence Now

From commercial-to-residential conversions to the rise of coliving, here’s what you should know today for a more equitable tomorrow.