Celebrate World Town Planning Day 2021

November 8, 2021

The American Planning Association's International Division invites planners, urban designers & placemakers to attend the 72nd annual APA World Town Planning Day virtual conference on the topic of Planning for Inter-Generational Equity.

As the world faces global crises like climate change and pandemics, planning for sustainable and equitable communities requires both long-term thinking and immediate action. Speakers from across the world will explore how planners can be changemakers today and support intergenerational equity at the community, national and global scales.

  • Track 1: Equitable Climate Adaptation
  • Track 2: Implementation + Accountability
  • Track 3: Representing the Future: Who needs to be at the table today?

Registration is required but this event is free and open to all. CM pending.


2021 World Town Planning Day Conference Program

Early Sessions

Presentations spanning planning in Ethiopia, the United States, and Hong Kong:

10-11:00 am EST
Track 3: Building Equitable Engagement Into Modern Street Design

Speakers: Celeste Frye, AICP, CEO at Public Works Partners | Kethia Joseph, Senior Manager at Public Works Partners | Christopher Hrones, AICP, Director of Strategic Transit Initiatives, NYC Department of Transportation | Mike Flynn, AICP, Principal & National Director Transportation Planning, Sam Schwartz Engineering

11:00 am-Noon EST
Track 3: Local and national planning for a climate neutral and sustainable future of Germany

Speaker: Ulrich Graute, International Consultant for Sustainable Governance and Management

Noon-1:00 pm EST
Track 1: Averting Famine: Tigray's Ecological Miracles Through Peace, Local Management, and Resilience

Speakers: Marta Woldu, Master's of Community Planning, University of Maryland-College Park | Haileselassie Ghebremariam Araya, PhD Candidate at the University of Nairobi and Graduate fellow at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya

Afternoon Fast Presentation Series

Quick presentations providing diverse and global planning perspectives from both experienced professionals & young planners:

1-2:00 pm EST
Tracks 1-3: Young Planner Series

Mildred Warner, United States | Brenda Muduwa, Uganda | Axel David Murillo, Colombia | Aubrey Toldi, Italy

3-4:00 pm EST
Tracks 1-3: Fast+Fun Series

Sharon Schlossberg Dinur, Israel | Ana Carolina De Chanis, Panama | Mai Nguyen, Vietnam | Marie Jeanne Saleh, Chad | Sandra Camacho Otero, Mexico | Aimee Saginaw, United States | Hoang Tao, United States

Evening Session

6-7:30 pm EST

Track 1: APA International Division's Climate & Sustainability Working Group Presents: Inclusively Resilient Urbanism
Speakers: Jessica Schmidt, World Bank | Linda Shi, Cornell University | Jana El-Horr, World Bank | Zach Postone, Arup | Kate Holmquist, AICP, Principal Planner and Landscape Architect, WerkSTADT Urban Planning

World Town Planning Day Resources

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About World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day is celebrated in 30 countries on four continents each November. It is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities.

World Town Planning Day presents an excellent opportunity to look at planning from a global perspective, and APA encourages its members to consider planning challenges and solutions around the globe on that day.

The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) endorses World Town Planning Day as a strategy to promote a broad-based awareness, support, and advocacy of community and regional planning among the general public and all levels of government through activities in recognition of American accomplishments on World Town Planning Day of each year.

Program History

The international organization for World Town Planning Day was founded in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires to advance public and professional interest in planning, both locally and abroad.

Why Celebrate World Town Planning Day?

  • To draw attention to the aims, objectives, and progress of urban and regional planning around the globe.
  • To engage local citizens and officials in the value of planning and to participate in shaping their community.
  • To highlight the valuable contributions sound planning has made to the quality of global human settlements and their environment.
  • To give worldwide coverage to the ideals of urban and regional planning not only within the profession but also among the general public.