Sample Job Descriptions

Education Requirements

Most planning positions in local, state, or federal governments, or in the private or nonprofit sectors, require a graduate degree. However, limited opportunities exist for planners with less formal education.

Planning employment opportunities vary depending on educational and experiential qualifications and by typical functions and required knowledge and skills.


The American Institute of Certified Planners has researched job descriptions nationally. Not all organizations dedicated to planning issues will offer employment at all levels. These summaries give relevant background information on a classification. Typical functions, knowledge, skills and qualifications will vary depending on the hiring organization.

Here are summaries of typical job descriptions for seven common planning classifications:

Planning Director / Executive Director / Director / Owner / CEO / President

Principal Planner / Planning Manager / Planner IV

Planner III / Senior Planner

Planner II / Associate / Junior Planner

Planner I / Assistant Planner

Planning Technician

Planning Intern

Specialized Job Descriptions

Sample job description focused on technology skills:

Civic Data Analyst: Transportation