Planning May 2015

Planning May 2015

Special Issue on Transportation

Planning coverThe Safest Streets

Vision Zero aims to eliminate all traffic fatalities. Jay Walljasper reports.

Releasing the Parking Brake on Economic Development

Cities flourish with reduced parking requirements — as Brian Canepa and Joshua Karlin-Resnick explain in Planning Practice.

Putting a Cap on Parking Requirements

Donald Shoup makes a pitch.

Road (Funding) Rage

Jon Davis reports on efforts to rejigger the federal gasoline tax. Sidebars by Tina Quigley (on Nevada) and Chris Clair (on Oregon).

When Autonomous Cars Take to the Road

Be ready, says Erick Guerra; it may happen soon.

Web-Only: Expanded Article

"Attention: The Age of Automation Is Right Ahead" by Chris Tramutola.

On a Roll with Tolling

It's a viable way to fund freight infrastructure, note Keith Bucklew and Peter Ogonowski. Sidebar by Kip Strauss, Gretchen Ivy, and Joe Blasi.


A regular column by Executive Director James M. Drinan.


Municipal broadband, greener airports.

Legal Lessons


Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing discusses sustainable zoning.


Immigrant nation.

Planners Library

Lessons from Sandy, urban landscapes.


Celebrity culture meets planning culture.

Viewpoint Web Exclusive

Conversation with If/Then playwright Brian Yorkey.

Cover: Illustration by Joan Cairney, Thinkstock/Getty Images.