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Exploring the Work, Life, and Ideas of Planners Across the Field

Hosted by Courtney Kashima, AICP, planner and small business owner of Muse Community + Design in Chicago, the People Behind the Plans podcast series features conversations between planners on work, life, ideas, and problem-solving in a variety of communities.

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Kelwin Harris headshot.

Episode 28: Kelwin Harris

Kelwin Harris is the director of outreach and engagement for the Office of the Cook County Assessor in Chicago. In this episode of the People Behind the Plans podcast, host Courtney Kashima, AICP, talks with Kelwin about his work, upbringing, and thoughts on how planners can advance equity in their work and the profession.

Todd Vanadilok headshot.

Episode 27: Todd Vanadilok, AICP

Todd Vanadilok, AICP, talks with People Behind the Plans podcast host Courtney Kashima, AICP, about his planning-focused educational comic series, social justice, and avoiding "one size fits all" planning approaches.

Enessa Janes headshot.

Episode 26: Enessa Janes, AICP, PhD

On this resilience-focused episode of People Behind the Plans, host Courtney Kashima, AICP, and Enessa Janes, AICP, PhD, discuss Enessa's work as community resilience coordinator at the City of Arvada, Colorado.

Julie Burros headshot.

Episode 25: Julie Burros

Julie Burros sees arts and culture not only as an end in itself but also as a way planners can solve intractable problems. Throughout her career, she's helped governments leverage experimental, artist-designed projects, and she thinks artists can push planners to think outside the box.

Donald Shoup headshot.

Episode 24: Donald Shoup, FAICP

By his estimation, Donald Shoup, FAICP, thinks about parking more than anybody else. That seems plausible, as he's been a longtime advocate for progressive parking policy. In fact, his ideas have spread so widely that not only does he have fans, but they even have a nickname for themselves: "Shoupistas."

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