Planners’ Communication Guide

Planners' Communications Guide 2.1

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This online, interactive guide designed to help planners develop and deliver positive values-based messages about planning and APA to targeted audiences. Whether you are new to speaking to the media, interested in building greater alliances, or just wanting to polish your skills, there is something in the guide for everyone. Available for APA Members only.


Messages are fundamental to any communications effort.

In this section you will learn to:

  • Create and use key messages when speaking to the media and the public and with stakeholders;
  • Provide compelling and memorable support for your key messages; and
  • Use APA's key messages in your communications work.
  • Explain your work to someone unfamiliar with the planning profession


One of the most effective ways to reach members of your community is to make use of the media.

In this section you will learn to:

  • Respond when a reporter calls you;
  • Work with the media — responding to interview requests and preparing for media interviews; and
  • Deliver your message through traditional and nontraditional media channels.


Social media has become a necessary tool for doing business via tweets, posts, and shares.

In this section you will learn to:

  • Use various social media channels to promote planning and advance your planning messages;
  • Remain in compliance with open meeting laws and establish social media guidelines; and
  • Leverage the experience of APA, other planning departments, organizations, and cities that are using social media.


If there is an aspect of communications training you are interested in learning more about that is not addressed in the guide, please e-mail with your suggestion.