Volunteer and Get Involved

APA members who volunteer on committees and task forces play an important part in advancing the Association's goals. Each volunteer group aligns to a strategic initiative, critical project or core activity in our annual work plan, partnering with staff liaisons and other advisers to deliver on its focused charge.

Volunteering is an excellent way to build your planning network, flex your skills and learn from colleagues; these meaningful leadership opportunities offer a great return on your investment of time and talent!

APA Committees

Amicus Curiae Committee

Charge: The purpose of the committee shall be to prepare briefs and to develop a systematic method of tracking cases as they originate in lower courts; and to file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the association in select court cases related to planning issues.

Time Commitment: 1 conference call every other month for 1 hour

National Planning Awards Jury

Charge: To review and select recipients of the National Planning Awards for each category in which the jury finds an appropriately meritorious candidate.

Time Commitment: 2 conference calls 90 minutes each, and roughly 30-35 hours of independent work

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Charge: Support execution of the Prioritize Equity strategic initiative by sharing actionable information from stakeholder groups, validating assumptions about workplan activities and proposals, and serving as ambassadors for APA's EDI commitment.

Time Commitment: Conference calls every 6 weeks, 1 hour each

Education Committee

Charge: Collaborate with APA staff on early content approaches that meet new AICP mandatory credit requirements, including identification of experts and vetting early content drafts. Ensure alignment with the strategic initiative to Upskill Planners.

Time Commitment: 4 conference calls each year, 2 at 60 minutes, 2 at 90 minutes each. In addition, independent work is needed to review NPC-related materials and prepare for meetings. Total time commitment is 8-10 hours per year.

Legislative and Policy Committee

Charge: To develop policy positions on priority topics, implement key reforms to the policy development process, and identify key and emerging policy issues critical to planning and APA's organizational strategy. streamline the policy development process for efficiency and relevance to the digital age.

Time Commitment: Monthly conference calls, 1 hour each

Membership Committee

Charge: Provide input on proposed approaches in the strategic initiatives to Strengthen Membership and Pursue Digital Relevance that seek to gain understanding of member value or respond to friction in the membership process.

Time Commitment: 1-3 conference calls per year, 1 hour each

AICP Committees

Community Assistance Planning Services Committee

Charge: The committee shall complete the transition of CAPS from a national/international program into a chapter-focused program. This includes learning what works and doesn't work from current chapter CPAT programs and evaluating current resources offered to chapters and divisions. Explore CAPS alignment with the pro-bono credit now offered under Certification Maintenance with a focus on BIPOC and underserved communities.

Time Commitment: Monthly Zoom calls (at most), 1 hour each and 1 additional hour per month for independent work

Ethics Committee

Charge: The Ethics Committee works with the AICP Ethics Officer to issue formal advisory opinions, shall oversee the issuance of informal opinions, and shall adjudicate all contested ethics matters and disciplinary proceedings under the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Ethics Committee develops the case of the year.

Meetings: Monthly Zoom calls, 1 hour each

Exam Committee

Charge: The Exam Committee establishes the goals, objectives and performance criteria for AICP certification. In March 2023, the Committee will initiate a process to review all questions with the AICP Fair Exam Goals in mind in March 2023. Additional activities planned for 2023 include writing and reviewing exam questions.

Time Commitment: Varies by activity, some work is conducted via Zoom as a group (question review), other activities (question writing) are done independently over a period of time. Question review meetings could be multiple 3-hour meetings, question writing varies.

College of Fellows

Charge: The College of Fellows Committee selects the College of Fellows Selection Committee for the class of 2024 and plan the annual meeting of the fellows. Continue to implement recommendations of Pipeline Task Force.

Meetings: Zoom calls as needed, less than an hour each

National Membership Standards Committee

Charge: The National Membership Standards Committee advises the Commission on policies affecting the recruitment, admission and retention of members to AICP. The Committee is responsible for reviewing reinstatement appeals and experience assessment appeals twice a year each.

Meetings: Monthly Zoom calls as needed, under an hour each

APA leaders at the 2019 National Planning Conference in San Francisco

APA leaders at the 2019 National Planning Conference in San Francisco.