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January/February 2021

Building Resilience Through Plan Integration (html | pdf)

March/April 2021

Partnering with Health Systems on Affordable Housing Investments (html | pdf)

May/June 2021

Advancing Racial Equity Through Land-Use Planning (html | pdf)

July/August 2021

Guiding Plan Implementation With Degree of Change (html | pdf)

September/October 2021

Design Thinking in Planning Practice (html | pdf)

November/December 2021

Planning for Dementia-Friendly Communities (html | pdf)


January/February 2020

Planning for a Resilient Retail Landscape (html | pdf)

March/April 2020

Equity-Oriented Performance Measures in Transportation Planning (html | pdf)

May/June 2020

Multi-MPO Planning: Prospects and Practices (html | pdf)

July/August 2020

Slowing Down to Speed Up: Improving Planning Processes With Lean (html | pdf)

September/October 2020

Preserving Manufactured Home Communities (html | pdf)

November/December 2020

Still Getting Trip Generation Right: Revalidating MXD+ (html | pdf)


January/February 2019

Short-Term Rentals: Regulation and Enforcement Strategies (html | pdf)

March/April 2019

Conservation Limited Development for Local Governments (html | pdf)

May/June 2019

More and Better: Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Planning (html | pdf)

July/August 2019

How to Design Your Scenario Planning Process (html | pdf)

September/October 2019

Planning for Utility-Scale Solar Energy Facilities (html | pdf)

November/December 2019

Integrating Gender Mainstreaming into U.S. Planning Practice (html | pdf)


January/February 2018

Building Sustainability and Resilience into Local Planning Agencies (html | pdf)

March/April 2018

Wayfinding: The Design of Getting Lost and Found (html | pdf)

May/June 2018

Collaborating on Water and Planning: A Perspective for Planners (html | pdf)

July/August 2018

Autism Planning and Design Guidelines 1.0 (html | pdf)

September/October 2018

Integrating Capital Improvements Planning with the Comprehensive Plan (html | pdf)

November/December 2018

Crafting Charrettes That Transform Communities (html | pdf)


January/February 2017

Advancing the Economic Development Element in Comprehensive Plans (html | pdf)

March/April 2017

Planning for Equitable Development: Social Equity by Design (html | pdf)

May/June 2017

Data-Driven Housing Assessments and Action Plans, Part 1: The Data (html | pdf)

July/August 2017

Data-Driven Housing Assessments and Action Plans, Part 2: Analytical Techniques and Taking Action (html | pdf)

September/October 2017

Constructing Effective Public-Private Partnerships (html | pdf)

November/December 2017

Planning with Improvement Districts (html | pdf)


January/February 2016

Local Approaches to Managing Oil and Gas Development (html | pdf)

March/April 2016

Comprehensive Planning and Geodesign (html | pdf)

May/June 2016

Alternatives for Determining Parks and Recreation Level of Service (html | pdf)

July/August 2016

Smart Transportation Metrics for Smart Growth (html | pdf)

September/October 2016

Parklets: Best Practices for Design and Implementation (html | pdf)

November/December 2016

Creative Placemaking (html | pdf)


January/February 2015

Next-Generation Transportation Impact Fees (html | pdf)

March/April 2015

Geodesign and the Future of Planning (html | pdf)

May/June 2015

Getting Ready for the Rain: Urban Flooding and Planning for Community Resilience (html | pdf)

July/August 2015

Planning for Startup Communities: Investing in Entrepreneurs and a 21st Century Economy (html | pdf)

September/October 2015

Harnessing the Power of Tactical Urbanism for Planning Success (html | pdf)

November/December 2015

Community Food System Assessments (html | pdf)


January/February 2014

Planners and the Digital Commons: Perspectives, Techniques, and Engagement (html | pdf)

March/April 2014

Planning for Urban Forest Resilience: Managing Invasive Pests and Diseases (html | pdf)

May/June 2014

The Future of Outdoor Lighting (html | pdf)

July/August 2014

Land Trusts: Conserving Land, Strengthening Communities (html | pdf)

September/October 2014

Integrated Urban Water Management for Planners (html | pdf)

November/December 2014

Institutionalizing Urban Agriculture: Process, Progress, and Innovation (html | pdf)


January/February 2013

Valuing Ecosystem Services to Inform Conservation and Development Decisions (html | pdf)

March/April 2013

Accelerating Change: Bend, Oregon, Explores New Ways to Advance Its Community's Vision (html | pdf)

May/June 2013

Getting Trip Generation Right: Eliminating the Bias Against Mixed Use Development (html | pdf)

July/August 2013

An Introduction to Community Branding (html | pdf)

September/October 2013

An Introduction to Campus Planning: Insights and Opportunities (html | pdf)

November/December 2013

Local Bicycle Master Planning: Connecting Communities (html | pdf)


January/February 2012

Delivering Better Plans (html | pdf)

March/April 2012

Taking the Communications High Ground (html | pdf)

May/June 2012

The Effectiveness of Green Infrastructure for Urban Stormwater Management (html | pdf)

July/August 2012

Checking in on the Land Based Classification Standards: Multi-Dimensional Classification at a Crossroads (html | pdf)

September/October 2012

Historic Preservation: Expanding the Planner's Toolbox (html | pdf)

November/December 2012

Distributed Renewable Energy: Anticipating Energy Development in Communities (html | pdf)


January/February 2011

The OpenNeighborhood Project: A Fresh Look at Public Participation (html)

March/April 2011

Local Agricultural Preservation: Making the Food System Connection (html)

May/June 2011

Using Metrics to Drive Community Sustainability Efforts (html)

July/August 2011

Human Investment Planning (html)

September/October 2011

Project Management Is Good Planning! (html)

November/December 2011

Using the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index in Your Community (html)


January/February 2010

ARS: An Innovative Public Engagement Tool (html)

March/April 2010

Climate Action Plans: Lessons Learned from Irvine, California (html)

May/June 2010

TDR-Less TDR Revisited: Transfer of Development Rights Innovations and Gunnison County's Residential Density Transfer Program (html)

July/August 2010

New Realities and the Need for Leadership in Transportation Planning (html)

September/October 2010

Foreclosure: Community Impacts, Prevention, and Stabilization Strategies (html)

November/December 2010

Developing a Solar Energy Potential Map (html)


January/February 2009

Integrating Energy and Climate into Planning (html)

March/April 2009

Adapting to Climate Change: Strategies from King County, Washington (html)

May/June 2009

Green Infrastructure Planning: Recent Advances and Applications (html)

July/August 2009

Making Hazards a Planning Priority (html)


Yikes, There's a Tourist in Town: Guidance for Local Planners (html)

November/December 2009

Community Visioning and Corridor Planning: Experiences from Lincoln City, Oregon (html)


January/February 2008

Community-Based Brownfield Redevelopment (html)

March/April 2008

Planning for Rooftops: The Benefits of Green Roof Infrastructure (html)

May/June 2008

Carsharing: A Guide for Local Planners (html)

July/August 2008

Applying GIS-Based Land Suitability Analysis (html)

September/October 2008

Incorporating Health into Comprehensive Planning (html)

November/December 2008

Planning for Family Friendly Communities (html)


January/February 2007

Paycheck to Paycheck: Putting a Face on Housing Affordability (html)

March/April 2007

The Essential Planning Library Revisited (html)

May/June 2007

Advances in Land-cover Mapping for Improved Environmental Planning (html)

July/August 2007

Community Retail Streets: 21st Century Neighborhood Centers (html)

September/October 2007

Community and Regional Food Planning (html)

November/December 2007

A Contemporary Look at Cul-de-sacs and Dead End Streets (html)


January/February 2006

Child Care and Economic Development: The Role for Planners (html)

March/April 2006

The Role of Planning in the New Energy Era: Results of a Survey (html)

May/June 2006

Town-Gown Partnerships for Success (html)

July/August 2006

Employer Assisted Housing: An Old Concept Gaining New Momentum (html)

September/October 2006

Assessing the Health Impacts of Policies, Plans, and Projects (html)

November/December 2006

Local Economic Development Strategies: An Assessment of Approaches (html)


January/February 2005

Racial Disparities in Housing and Health (html)

March/April 2005

Environmental Benefits of Trees in Urban Areas (html)

May/June 2005

Low Impact Development: An Alternative Approach to Site Design (html)

July/August 2005

Developer Exactions and the Creation of New City Parks (html)

September/October 2005

The Oregon Housing Needs Model (html)

November/December 2005

Planners in the Gulf Coast: First Person Accounts of Enduring Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (html)


January/February 2004

Curbing Sprawl at Its Core: Community Development and Revitalizing the Built Environment (html)

March/April 2004

Assessing the Social, Economic, and Land Use Impacts of Transportation Projects (html)

May/June 2004

Metro's Regional Land Information System: The Virtual Key to Portland's Growth Management Success (html)

July/August 2004

Planning and Public Health Reunited: New Opportunities for Collaboration (html)

September/October 2004

Planning for Diversity: Lessons from the Los Angeles Design Action Planning Team Program (html)

November/December 2004

Dealing with Diversity: Planning in Multicultural Communities (html)